Red Beans & Rice


Food With Heart

Or food is the nutrients of the soul.

Yes. I'm in love! Deep, untamed, uninhibited love that deep in my veins-and stomach for that matter.

I love everything about food: the fragrant, irresistible smell; the great, original colors and rich, overwhelming flavors.

I know that my passion for food is so clear, that it is sometimes embarrassing me. This is why-again-I hate eating in public. I feel like everyone is looking at me and I can't be comforted by food.

Food is always tempting, always! No time limit, no place, which nothing in the way of tests and getting my fill of my favorite foods.

My relationship with food is not only about eating. I enjoy cooking, alot. I love to innovate, but usually I try to learn all the secrets and tricks of the most amazing teacher.

This is probably why I don't enjoy eating in restaurants. It is impersonal and cold. I have a theory about food, a theory that all my family shares: "the main ingredient of a food is love".