Red Beans & Rice


“First we eat, then we do everything else.” - M.F.K. Fisher

It's Time for Supper

I Think M.F.K. Fisher Said It Best


Life Is Made Up of Little Joys

No matter how long or hard my day was. Food is something that brings everything back in perspective. Eating together as a family creates a sense of calm that can take a day that feels a little like it derailed and put it back on course.

These are the little joys in life. These are the things make like worth all of the little upsets and aches that we acquire in the course of the years.


I Tried... I Do.

What can any one say, beyond I tried. When I first started my career everything had to be done. Done well, and done yesterday.

I was making myself sick, and others were being cut short. I could do more. Just not everything.

Now I try and do my best at what I can. And that is all I ask for.

When I brought this into focus I started to do better. Emotionally I was in a better place and I could focus on the things that were important.